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Whether your client’s next move is around the block or across the country, we make it easy. Let our experienced team of moving consultants guide your client through the many choices and key factors in choosing the right mover.

Services Offered

How it Works

  1. Login
  2. Complete the request form
  3. Our certified moving consultant will reach out to your client. They will listen to their specific needs and connect them with the best fit. Once we have taken the time to educate your client and discuss their options, they will decide on how many movers they want to be contacted by. We will then have the movers reach out to your client and begin the process. You can rest assured knowing your clients’ moves are taken care of, and that each will receive the following:
    • Clients will receive a no charge in-home survey/estimate from multiple movers, based on the number of quotes they wish to receive.
    • Estimates can be very challenging to decipher. We will assist your client in analyzing the estimates so they know they are comparing apples to apples.
    • Your client’s move will be handled as a corporate move and will receive priority scheduling and crew selection.
    • In the unlikely event of a claim or issue, we will be there for a quick and fair resolution.
    • A post move survey will be sent following the move, which allows us to monitor the movers and make sure only the best of the best are in our program.

Dircks Moving & Logistics, the largest moving company in the state of Arizona, has provided moving services for over 28 years. Dircks performs moves throughout the United States and Worldwide.

Questions or Concerns

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